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Stranger On The Train

A million words rumination gather
I see you thinking
Is anything the matter?
You have strange piercing eyes
and it punctured a hole through the ceiling
Your eyebags are dark
they seem to sag with the weight of earth;
a baggage
brown like the coat you wear
Maybe your coat brought out the darkness
of the circles round your eyes
It does not flatter.
A tight bun sits fittingly upon your head high
now, why the sad shade of the dye?
Its like mud stuck to flaming fire.
The fire dance
it is pretty by itself
But it is mysterious
many supposed it bled
and so painful to watch
Yet a flamboyant color it is
why hide in dark blobs of brown
dark brown
brings out nothing.
Your silhoulette seems to draw me in
you left at the 7th avenue
the train felt lighter
without your presence
but with your departure
the cabin grew darker
more ominous
the seat you sat on
grew from neon to dark green
It is hard to comprehend
and you were in your dark brown coat
The combination of your sharp eyes dull hair
colored the world
asymmetry from the spectrum around
Your shoulders sag in dull unconfidence
but there is really no need for it
you too shine as an individual.

written on Jan 31st, 2007

... written on 2009-01-29 at 4:56 p.m.

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